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The Sleep Season: Part 1

At the time of year when the nights are long, it’s a great time to focus on sleep. This month I'll be releasing a blog each week to highlight some of the guests top tips from the podcast they featured on.

What is the quality of your sleep like?

How does sleep affect your day?

I love a good night’s sleep and I’ve had the fortune of meeting and chatting to a few other people who also love a good night’s sleep and have specialised in the field of sleep. Check out the podcast Who’s on the mat? With Liz Daffen to listen to the mini series on sleep.

My guests have been:

Selina from Sleep + Flourish

Hannah a sleep consultant

Sandrine from Savoir Fayre

Anja from Yoga Embodied

Me as myself!

Sleep is the one thing we all have in common and we all have different experiences with it.

Selina was the first guest of the series and has faced a very challenging year to be launching her business, and I’m delighted that she will be launching her business in 2021. Well done Selina, I’m looking forward to ordering a pair of pyjamas.

I loved Selina’s enthusiasm and curiosity for sleep routines and how movement in the form of yoga has really helped prepare her body for a good night’s rest. In fact, she inspired me to change my Tuesday evening class name to Bedtime Yoga where you’re welcome to join in your Jim Jams. To be fair you’re welcome to join in your PJ’s for any class but Tuesday night especially as we have a practice that is deliberately slower and restorative. Book here.

Selina’s Book recommendations

  • The Stress Solution Dr Rangan Chatterjee

  • How Not To Die by Michael Greger and Gene Stone

Top tips

  • Make your bedtime routine a sacred ritual

  • Make sleep a priority it’s just as important as nutrition and fitness

  • Be healthy but don’t be resentful of your routine. Pick things that enhance your current routine.

  • Get into nature.

  • Start your day with a good routine. Maybe it’s a coffee, a run or some yoga.

  • Find a good bedtime routine. Keep it sacred and peaceful. Put distance between you and your work time.

  • Follow a passion. Maybe reading or reconnecting with an old hobby or passion.

  • Find ways to keep your stress in check.

What do you do that lets your body know it’s time for bed?

Have you tried writing a gratitude list? I came across a beautiful exercise recently where you write 3 things you are grateful from the day and place it underneath your pillow just before you go to sleep. Try it and see what impact it makes. Challenge yourself to write 3 different things each day.

Favourite quote "You can’t pour from an empty cup."

Highlights from the podcast

  • Selina has a passion for women’s health and has recognised it’s how we think and what we say about ourselves as well as nutrition, fitness and mental health.

  • Selina was inspired by Women’s health magazine and found the science behind it inspired her progress.

  • One fad she tried was: Bullet proof coffee (Butter and coffee) euggh!!! I don’t think Selina was a fan either.

  • Learning to be patient with launching a business, particularly during 2020.

  • Thinking about how well we age. Knowing what we do now and how it can impact ourselves in the future.

*First published January 2021

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