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My new podcast. Who's on the Mat?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Podcasting – there are so many out there! But isn’t that great? There is a podcast out there for everyone.

When I made the jump to full time self-employment last year (Jan 2019) I thought a podcast would be great fun, but it wasn’t on my agenda for the first year. 2020 came around and I re-visited the idea and felt comfortable to be able to start it, having settled into my current routine.

Starting the podcast

I announced at a couple of networking events that I was starting a podcast, nothing like committing in public your intentions to feel committed to your goals! I was just getting my ideas jotted down, and then along comes Covid-19, which gave me even more time to get my ideas into action. I was lucky that we already had the equipment at home to start. The next bit was to check in with an idea and see it if worked, and come up with a name, artwork and some music. I came across a photo I had previously taken which seemed to capture my idea, and helped me decide on the name too! I could have purchased some music, but me and my husband ended up spending one weekend playing around with some tunes of our own and what you hear is his second iteration of our first attempt. The first one was a bit too dramatic and dance-y, but it was a Friday night when we threw it together!

If you fancy hosting your own podcast there are some great resources out there, just doing a quick google search will bring up loads of resources. The best one I found that gave me a bit of focus and made sure I had covered all bases was from:

You can sign up receive a newsletter. Ross sends out a daily email for seven days covering different topics such as the equipment you should consider, themes and how to launch.

The hardest bit of the podcast

The hardest bit for me was learning how to use the free editing software Audacity. If you’ve never edited anything before, it might seem rather daunting. There are a few tutorials out there on Wikipedia and you tube. If you have a one hour recording then expect to spend four hours editing! Even if you don’t think there is much to edit, you’ll find things. Now I’m in full swing, it is much easier and quicker.

My favourite bit

The best bit of the podcast is interviewing and chatting to guests! This was the whole reason why I started it. I enjoy chatting to people and understanding their drive and listening to their stories. I find them so inspiring.

Who’s been on the mat so far?

I’ve had a lovely range of people on so far, and all of them have something special to share:

Jen Watson from Future Choices talks about CBD and natural health

Anja Brierley Lange from Yoga Embodied talks about Yoga and Ayuveda, pelvic floor and a bit more.

Viv Vella from AuthenticQ talks about her passions, life, teaching and executive coaching.

Sandrine Olmi from Savoir Fayre talks about her passion for nutrition.

Simon Rogers from Restore Your Body Now talks about mindset, mental and physical well-being.

Who’s on the mat soon…

Release date 28th June. Louise Zimmerman talks about running a business and giving birth during lockdown.

Release date 5th July Charmaine Evans talks about yoga, art and tv production.

What’s next for the podcast?

So far I’ve been lucky enough to release the podcasts weekly. However, as the current climate is changing then we might to need to adapt as we continue, but I’m hoping to keep the wonderful array of guests coming and keep the inspiring stories flowing.

Fancy being a guest? Then I’d love to chat.

Fancy hearing a specific topic? Drop me a message with your suggestion.

Fancy starting a podcast, but feel overwhelmed with where to start? I’d be happy to help where I can.

*First published June 2020

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