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Yoga Teacher - Six and a half years on

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

So, here we are six and a half years in from graduating with a 200hr Yoga teacher training certificate. I loved my experience with my training school and had a fabulous teacher and group to share this with. Sadly, I heard the school had closed down at the beginning of 2022. I’d always recommended this school, but I’m sure there are plenty others out there that are just as good. Please do share any recommendations you have.

I remember being super keen to do a course and the timing and dates worked for me, it was easy to get to with no overnight stays required. Definitely, helps to keep costs down. I’d recommend doing research and persevering for the right course, teacher, training school that feel’s right for you.

Thinking of doing a full training online? I’d seriously recommend an in-person course, unless you have previous fitness training, in which case online and/or blended may work best for you, but nothing beats that in-person feeling, you get so much more from the experience. I’ve completed a range of courses now and my preference is definitely in-person.

As well as my training school being a casualty, I’ve seen other businesses go under and it is heart breaking to watch. 2022 continued to be challenging as life got back to ‘normal’ for most, but perhaps things didn’t return to normal quickly enough for some or perhaps they didn’t flex and adapt quickly enough. Running your own business will always have its challenges and the current climate continues to provide a few stormy rides. Good luck to those still facing challenges and I hope you find the right path and solutions for your business.

What has changed since 2021?

My full-time job changed and has been really busy. I love the craziness and working within project teams, something I really missed being self-employed. I’ve loved being able to continue teaching on the side too. When I first started working full time, I was teaching six to seven classes a week, I’m now only teaching two to three classes a week. Looking back, I’m not quite sure how I managed to fit so many extra classes in, as teaching one class can equates to approx. one to three hours work, when you include preparation as well as teaching. Towards the end of 2021 I could start to feel the tiredness taking over and I was just too tired on weekends to be any fun, and it’s important to have time for fun and relaxation.

My website has pretty much stayed the same, but it’s time to review and refresh the website. I’ve just moved my pre-recorded classes over to instabook so that I can reduce the running costs. Next on my list is to make the website look and feel a bit more modern.

The podcast also continues, less frequently, but still great fun to do. Have you had chance to listen to it yet?

I’ve had the pleasure this year of attending some mini online retreats with:

Anne Malone for Sound baths, and Emma Smithies Moon Lodge.

I completed the Reformer Pilates Training with HFE in November 2021 and started to teach a regular class at David Lloyd. It is such a great class to teach and be part of. There is so much you can do with this piece of equipment and the feedback I’ve had from people is inspiring. Strength and flexibility increased in a very short space of time with only one lesson a week. Sadly, as my full-time job has got busier towards the end of 2021 I’ve decided step back from this class. I’m forever grateful for all the opportunities, but for now will continue to participate in classes.

I also tried an online eight week book club with Andrew McGonigle and Matthew Huy who co-wrote The Physiology of Yoga, what a great way to hear directly form the authors and consume a book. I’ve been pretty awful at sitting down and reading through 2022 so this helped me stay committed and probably helped a lot of the information stick a bit more.

What’s next for training?

There are still so many amazing courses out there to do. Perhaps now I’m not teaching as much I won’t do as many, but I’ll pick the ones I just want to explore more of, such as Yin Yoga, and I always enjoy learning more about anatomy.

What have I missed this year?

I’ve really missed teaching as many classes as I did, but I feel better for having some more time back in my life, which feels like a little extra breathing space. I always talk about the importance of rest so I’m trying to follow my own advice here!

I’ve missed the regular zoom calls with friends and family far away, but as life has got back to ‘normal’ spare time for zoom calls has been reduced, and it’s much more fun when you can actually meet up in person and just share the same space.

What have I loved?

As one door closes another one opens not far in front of you. I’ve enjoyed trying new fitness classes this year and attending in person classes. It was sad to say goodbye to my gym membership with one club which closed in 2022, but I’ve signed up somewhere else and I’ve found a new routine.

I’ve loved being able to see live music, theatre and meet friends and family in person without masks to socialise. Long may this continue!

Tips from year six.

The tips from previous years continue to inspire.

  1. Continue to be true to yourself. What makes your heart sing and brings joy to your work life.

  2. Trust your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

  3. Be honest with yourself. Is this working for you? When you do something are you doing it because you want to, or because you feel you should.

  4. Do something different. Are you stuck in a routine? A change is said to be as good as a rest and sometimes a different perspective on things may add a little zest to a stagnant routine.

  5. Get feedback. It’s always good to hear how you’re perceived and see whether that aligns to what you’re hoping to deliver and achieve. It might only be one person's opinion, but it might change how you look at doing things. As they say on The Sewing Bee you’re only as good as your last look!

Thank you for reading. Do let me know if any of this resonates with you.

*First published January 2023

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