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Yoga Teacher - Five years on

Five years of teaching yoga! This feels like such a milestone and this year I reached 1000 hours of teaching. In the eyes of Yoga Alliance this means I’m an experienced yoga teacher, but I still very much feel like a student. That is the wonderful thing about yoga, there is always more to explore and such a great variety of styles to choose from.

What has changed since last year?

So, no surprises that Covid is still with us, but absolutely incredible that a vaccine has been developed and is now in full swing. I’m pleased to say I’m double jabbed.

The return of face to face classes whilst still enjoying teaching an online bedtime yoga class.

A membership website! I have to say I’m pretty impressed I’ve managed to create and record a variety of yoga, Pilates and mediations for the website, which is a perfect way of supplementing your weekly class, in your own time and in your own space. I’ve also created two online courses: Resilience, based on meditation techniques, and a yoga course focussing on your Chakra’s.

I continued the podcast with many guests and topics. I’ve loved every single conversation and will enjoy listening to them in the future as well.

Additional training and mini retreats

  • Rasa Yoga with Sianna Sherman

  • Trance Dance/Rhythm and Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea

  • Arm Balances with Matt Giordano

  • Online retreat with Movement for Modern Life

  • Sound Healing with Sue Kinsey

  • Yin Yoga with Echo Elliot

  • Sound baths with Anne Malone

This year I indulged in a few online courses and classes and I’m pleased to have connected with teachers I wouldn’t normally be able to get to see in person. Rasa Yoga with Sianna Sherman helped me to explore the myths, mythology, mantra’s associated with yoga, as well as strengthen my practice. This is such a rich course with so many guest speakers to listen too and still working my way through them.

Trance Dance/Rhythm and Flow yoga with Shiva Rea was so much fun and helps you lose your inhibitions and start to listen to your own body’s natural rhythm. I keep sneaking elements of this into classes.

Arm balances are my weak spot and I decided I wanted to explore this a little more with Matt Giordano, this was fun and something I’ll come back to time and time again.

The biggest change

Covid has meant that the world has been a little unpredictable and I have tried to make my finances as predictable as possible. I’ll be honest with you, I have missed a regular salary this year, and it has made me feel uncomfortable not knowing if, and when things would return to normal. I have absolutely loved seeing how I can build up a small business, but sometimes practical decisions need to be made.

This time last year the idea of a full time corporate job seemed a little sad, because of the effort gone into making self-employment work, but I didn’t rule it out and started to look at options. This year I took on a full time role. I’m so pleased for the opportunity and it has made me so happy. That first regular wage felt amazing. It wasn’t easy saying goodbye to regular classes and clients, but it was the best decision for me. The best thing is, I can still continue to teach part time, so hopefully I’ve found a happy balance.

What’s next for training?

Well I always promised myself a retreat and sometimes training can feel like a retreat, but I’m probably just going to say watch this space. Who knows what is around the corner!

What have I missed this year?

  • Regular income

  • Seeing people in person

  • Hugs

What have I loved?

  • I’ve loved staying more connected to friends and family during the lockdown phases.

  • Zoom, it has facilitated so many calls and classes.

  • I’ve also loved starting to get out and explore again.

  • Local walks with friends and neighbours.

Tips from year five.

The tips from previous years continue to inspire.

  1. Continue to review where you want to be, whether that’s financially or how you want to teach and what you want to teach.

  2. Keep learning – even if you revisit similar material you’ll still pick up something new or think about things in a different way, which broadens your thinking and learning.

  3. Be adaptable! See a challenge and make it an opportunity to learn.

  4. Be open to change. If you’re stuck in a routine, change the routine for a week and see if you find any inspiration along the way.

  5. Schedule time in for a break or a holiday, down tools and do something different.

Thank you – As always, thank you to all of those that have supported the transition, attended classes, presented opportunities. I’m looking forward to sharing more yoga and Pilates with you!

*First published November 2021

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